07 October 2013

USA Phone Number Verified Google, Gmail, Maps, Play, Drive, Google+, Analytics Blogger and YouTube Accounts

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30 September 2013

PVA24.COM-Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts

Every Craigslist PVA Accounts account make with unique (100% fresh and new) ip and professionally.
All account made with Gmail and verified with USA mobile phone number. Every accounts come with one test post. if you need more info about cl PVA u ask me before order. Inform me  your section of posting when order.

 3   pva account =$5
 8   pva account = $10

50  pva account = $50

24 July 2013

Facebook USA PVA Account

All Facebook accounts are made with unique IP's and manually. High quality USA Phone Verified accounts with complete profile.So it is suitable for ads and making apps or whatever you want.

10 Facebook USA PVA Account = $30
20  Facebook USA PVA Account = $55
40  Facebook USA PVA Account = $100